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After 22 years as a studio potter, a strong current took her down a new stream, which led to the ocean. Influenced by scuba diving and snorkeling, she couldn't resist capturing the colorful underwater world on paper. Sue discovered the satisfaction of painting brilliantly colored dyes layered with hot wax on silk. Batiking fish and other sea-life has become a means for Sue Duda to creatively share her love for color and the ocean. The ocean offers irresistible colors, intricate patterns and endless varieties. "I have been blessed with the opportunitity to create art. As I look back, I witness synchronization, which got me to the point of creating Ocean Dudes. I hope to contribute to mankind by using my talent as a positive influence. Aware of the fragile marine ecosystem that exists, I hope to relay the message that underwater life is precious and to be treasured. My ultimate goal is to have my art play an active role in saving the reefs!" -- Sue Duda
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