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Carole Becam Wall Art

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Carole Becam is a painter from France. She studied at the School of Fine arts of Rennes and currently exhibits her art regularly in many Caribbean and French galleries and in London at the Contemporary Art Salon. In her abstract pieces, the artist creates contrasts between the colors and materials thanks to her mastery of oil painting. She says that abstraction is like an inner revelation that leads to discovery, adding that everything has a meaning: the material, the color, and the empty spaces. Proficient at oil painting, the painter works with spatula and brush. Through her art, Carole plunges into arbitraries without a net. Abstracts offer her unlimited possibilities to combine materials, textures and colors. Although Carole has been in love with the media for a long time, her work is now focused much on painting in its purest form.

The artist no longer seeks to create effects and her art is more refined, and more subtle. She has exhibited at many places including Gallery Paris-Berlin-seals, Rainbow Gallery Dinard, Salon of the Ramparts St. Malo Mars, Haitian ART Gallery, The bike Gallery st. Malo, Gallery Art Circuit Rennes, FIAP Jean Monet Paris, Haitian ART Gallery, Gallery ARTEP -Saint Domingue, Gallery Papagayo, St Barthelemy Caribbean, and Cloister Saint Louis, to name just a few. The notion of purity is essential to Carole. Chance takes shape under her actions and the vacuum is filled. From nothing, imaginary landscapes emerge to become realistic on the canvas. Carole’s visions are always poetic, much more than random. They are open to all forms of interpretations.
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