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Bernard Ott Wall Art

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Bernard Ott (Born in 1952) was born in France. He loved art from a tender age and could spend most of her fee time doing works of art. Most of her artwork was done using simple local materials. She managed to produce attractive pieces of art that made many people to encourage her to consider taking art as a career. He also knew that he would be an artist and worked hard towards achieving this goal. Ott draws from the heart, his mind's eye, and recollections of his subjects. His work is on display in several places around the world. Many collectors place high price tag on his art because their demand is very high.

If his work is to be described, one could say it is meditative. Ott is now one of the leading artists in France and his art is found in many galleries, homes and institutions in the country and beyond. He is a regular visitor of museums, art galleries and shows where he learns from the works of other artists. His work is unique and is easily recognizable. Ott believes that one of the greatest gifts of his life is the fact that he was born in France. He likes this place and it has played a major role in influencing and molding him as an artist, and this is where he works and lives to date. Ott fashions his flowers with bold strokes of the brush, and uses warm and vibrant colors to make them as realistic as possible.
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