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Steven Butler is an American artist who is known both for creating new designs for Archie characters in 2007 as well as penciling the Archie Comics series Sonic the Hedgehog. He continues to improve his artwork by regularly attending several of the national art and design expos in which he is represented. His work ranges from providing occasional cover duties for Cat and Mouse and inking to superhero illustrations in the original Silver Storm mini-series. He also works for publications such as Silver Sable and Marvel Comics' Web of Spider-Man. In 2005, Butler pencilled the Welcome to Holsom series that was published by a Gospel Publishing House called Radiant Life.

Butler boasts a vibrant and whimsical style that often incorporates clean lines and bold colors. His dynamic paintings are infused with intuitive sense of creative energy, color, and an innate understanding of composition. His work has a deceptively simple style which develops into a more demanding and complex sense of authenticity. Butler has been involved in several Christian comic projects but it was the independent comic The Badger by First Comics that served to launch his career. From 1999 to 2007, he worked on the PowerMark comic series from Powermark Productions. His artwork stretches beyond the straight forward and beyond the boundaries of visual perception. Most of his paintings have unique and hidden meanings that challenge the imagination of his viewers, but a common theme found throughout his work is fun. Hundreds of his art can be found with many collectors around the world. He participates regularly in art festivals, exhibitions and events.
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