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Francisco Fernandez Wall Art

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Francisco Fernández (Born 1606) was born at Madrid and grew up in the school of Carducho Vincenzo , one of the most inventive artists of his time. Fernández was a sharp student and he was bale to learn so fast. Within a short duration, he was able to produce plates at an extraordinary rate. His talent gained great reputation for him at an early age. His first foundation art classes completely changed his perspective about what being an “artist” meant. These classes also opened his eyes and he fell in love with the techniques, the critiques, the process, and the like-minded people. He counted her blessings every day and hoped to serve as an inspiration for all creative late bloomers. Fernández was employed to work in the palaces at Madrid by Philip IV. He also worked in the convent of La Victoria and pictures by him can be found here.

They include “St. Joachim and St. Anne” and the Death of St. Francis of Paola. He also etched 5 energetic plates of fables for Dialogos de la Pintura by Carducho in 1633. Fernández died in 1646. He was killed in a quarrel by Francisco de Baras. He believed that art was an opportunity to connect with his instinct. Fernández was flexible in his choice of mediums. They were interchangeable to him as long as he could create a way to involve layers, texture and color. The style he was using brought out the attractive pieces that he’s known for. His art are easily recognizable.
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