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W.M. Randal Painter Wall Art

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W.M. Randal Painter grew up in Denver, Colorado BUT was born in Massachusetts. Early on he showed a good eye for detail and a talent for drawing. Randal Painter knew from his childhood that he would become a professional artist and he channeled his efforts towards achieving this goal. At any moment he could be seen painting anything that inspired him. In 1985 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from the University of Northern Colorado; he majored in printmaking and painting. The next several years he spent operating a fully staffed etching studio and working in art publishing and designing. In 1995, he left to pursue a career as an independent artist. It was while working in this capacity that he discovered and developed his own artistic style that is representational and relies heavily on architectural and figurative themes.

The challenge to transcend the technical aspects of design and bring life and power to an image is a lifelong pursuit for him. Randal Painter is fascinated by the illusion of depth on a 2 dimensional surface. He is also fascinated by texture and enjoys using both these elements in his work. Skilled craftsmanship has been a great lure for him in his own artistic taste, ranking high alongside composition and content. The sense of discovery and wonder is a continually renewing motivation for him as an artist. His work has been seen in several solo and group shows, and can be seen in some of the most respected galleries in the world.
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