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Gary Max Collins Wall Art

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Gary Max Collins (Born in mid 1930’s) is a talented and famous American contemporary oil and watercolor painter. He’s among Utah’s most respected landscape artists. Collins loved to play with colors and drew stunning pieces of art from a really young age. His family supported him in his cause and helped him in polishing his skills. Collins started studying the works of early Utah painters and always tried replicating them. Some of the artists whose works also inspired him are great masters such as Van Gough and Matisse. It was through such practice that he was able to refine his artistic skills. Collins studied at the Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah in the 1950’s and he has taught at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Having lived in the mountainous west, his everyday life was characterized with beautiful scenes that inspired him. Elements of these intriguing and picturesque scenes and moods inspired by changing seasons form part of his creative pieces. Some of the subjects that can be seen in his works are flowers, trees, and landscapes. Collin’s creative works give a feeling of warmth. He creates them in such a way that the viewer would feel like sunlight and wind are coming out of them. His works are also delivered in atmospheric colors that make them provide a clear reflection of real life scenes. "Many artists have the ability to depict a landscape. Few have the talent to show a viewer what the places feel like." These were the words of a press release from Los Angeles, referring to Collins. His works can be found in diverse finishing options and effects, allowing customers to select the most fitting pieces for their use.
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