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M. Katherine Hurley Wall Art

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M. Katherine Hurley is a 20th century artist who was active and lived in Ohio. She’s known for landscape. She’s a graduate of Mount St Joseph in Cincinnati where she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree. Katherine studied in France and Italy before returning home to Ohio to study in the workshops Kahn Wolf. The artist paints landscapes in pastel and oil. She hopes to capture the emotions of the human heart in her colorful and dramatic paintings. There’s a mystic touch to Katherine’s landscapes. Her shifts in tone between sky and leaves or water and meadow are as delicate as the shifts between a breeze and stillness – between a ripple in the water and stillness. Katherine is an artist with a heart, an eye, and a deep admiration for landscape.

The artist sees a sanctuary in the shade of the forest, chapel in the form of a barn, and she can experience communion in a group of colors. Her mystic landscapes exist beyond the physical; in fact her mystic landscapes lie in a region between the imagined and the remembered – a region that is the color and tone between the sky and leaves. For more than 3 decades, Katherine has been working as an artist in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has exhibited across Europe and is represented in numerous major galleries in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Tennessee. Her art is found in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the U.S. She’s a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America.
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