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Will Rafuse Sadie Marmalade

A tabby yellow funny looking cat lounging on a red chair beside a vase with white flowers near a window

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“Sadie Marmalade” is an adorable caricature of a brown striped yellow tabby cat sitting on a patterned high-back red chair in an olive colored room with a window looking out to a clear blue sky. Standing next to the chair, on the yellow hardwood floors, is a tall clear glass vase with three white Calla lilies. Sadie has long pointed ears, large cream eyes and long white whiskers. Her head is cocked at an angle and she has a mischievous look. Has she been up to no good or is she challenging her owner to make her give up the comfy chair - who knows? What is she thinking? How did she get the name Sadie? Whatever the story, this print will be treasured by children and will make a wonderful subject for great story telling. It could inspire them to write about Sadie’s adventures. Frame it in black or brown for a more masculine look in a boy’s room and silver or gold for a more feminine look in a girl’s room.
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