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Sung Kim Overlook Cafe I

A cobblestone street with shops overlooking the water

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"Overlook Cafe I" by Sung Kim is a colorful scene painted in a contemporary realistic style. This image of the water's edge at Lake Como captures a day with a clear blue sky and a breathtaking view of the infamous mountains in the distance. There's a solitary boat on the water and others docked in front of luxurious waterfront homes. The Cafe in this picture features outdoor tables covered in crisp white cloths on a cobblestone walk. The walk is lined with potted flowers and shrubs on the street and in the window boxes above. This all comes together to create a time and place where anyone would love to sit and have a cup of coffee while basking in the sun and enjoying the view. Ideal for a living room or dining room, this image would work in many frame colors and styles. An ornate gold or silver frame would work in a room with white wicker or other light furniture. A brown frame would work as well, allowing the floral accents in the print to stand out with their bright, bold colors.
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