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Jessica Fries Purple Mermaid

A mermaid swimming under the sea with fish, an octopus, squid and a bed of coral

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      This piece by Jessica Fries is called Purple Mermaid which describes exactly what the main focus of the piece is. A topless mermaid has a long dark green tail with white stripes. A set of pearls is placed around her waist, both wrists and she has two sets of white pearls is dangling from her neck. She has long, thick and wavy purple hair that goes to the base of her tail. There are white dots in her dark purple hair as well. In her left hand, she is holding a dark reddish orange starfish as she is swimming underwater and she is looking at what is underneath her. Above her are many different sea life creatures swimming including brown fish, and light blue jellyfish. Below her are ocean life including green and red algae. More sea life creatures are under her like clams, red crabs, and octopuses.On the ocean floor also holds many shells and white pearls. Different sized bubbles are randomly spread across the piece.
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