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Howard Behrens Lake Como Landing

Lakeside villas with moored boats in northern Italy

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“Lake Como Landing” is a classic waterfront scene from Howard Behrens. The setting is the Lake Como waterfront on a clear day. The water is dark blues and teals, with several small canoes floating on its surface. There are large homes built right up to the waters edge, in several shades of pastel yellows, pinks and oranges. Behind the homes are trees in various shades of green and tall mountains in the distance. Howard Behrens is the most well-known palette knife artist in the United States. His combination of color and technique gives depth to the image and creates a calming scene that makes the user want to escape on their own Italian vacation. This artwork lends itself to various décor styles. In a white frame, the piece could be hung in a home with light colors and wicker furniture. With a dark brown or cherry frame, this piece is perfect for over the mantelpiece or a dining room.
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