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Snowscape Art

Snowscape art is a form of landscape art that traditionally depicts winter scenery. This type of art has been revered by both Western and Eastern artists throughout the ages and is a popular choice among art enthusiasts in modern times due to its unique subject matter. Like most landscape art, snowscape framed art focus on the elegant beauty of nature as their primary subject. Although different animals and plants are frequently included in these works, humans are rarely seen unless it is as an additional element meant to portray the vast power and elegance of nature.
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Snowscape Paintings

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361 Items
Christmas Time Fine Art Print
Christmas Time
24" x 16"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $53.99
Sale: $26.99
Attitude - Snow Boarder Fine Art Print
Attitude - Snow Boarder
28" x 22"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $74.99
Sale: $37.49
Winter Trees III Fine Art Print
Winter Trees III
28" x 20"
Price: $53.99
Sale: $26.99
One Snowy Night Fine Art Print
One Snowy Night
16" x 12"
Price: $22.99
Sale: $11.49
The Joy of Snow Fine Art Print
The Joy of Snow
16" x 12"
Price: $22.99
Sale: $11.49
New Fallen Snow Fine Art Print
New Fallen Snow
16" x 12"
Price: $22.99
Sale: $11.49
Winter Trees II Fine Art Print
Winter Trees II
28" x 20"
Price: $53.99
Sale: $26.99
Change - Snowy Trees Fine Art Print
Change - Snowy Trees
10" x 8"
Price: $17.99
Sale: $8.99
Snow White Fine Art Print
Snow White
12" x 16"
Price: $22.99
Sale: $11.49
Afternoon Sun Fine Art Print
Afternoon Sun
34" x 28"
Price: $48.99
Sale: $24.49
Storm's Passing Fine Art Print
Storm's Passing
16" x 20"
Price: $34.99
Sale: $17.49
Persistence - Snowboarder Fine Art Print
Persistence - Snowboarder
28" x 22"
Price: $24.99
Sale: $12.49
Snow Effect with Setting Sun, 1875 Fine Art Print
Snow Effect with Setting Sun, 1875
40" x 36"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $76.99
Sale: $38.49
Early Snow Fine Art Print
Early Snow
22" x 28"
Price: $43.99
Sale: $21.99
Peaceful Valley Fine Art Print
Peaceful Valley
40" x 20"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $82.99
Sale: $41.49
Backyard Snowman with Friends Fine Art Print
Backyard Snowman with Friends
18" x 24"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $58.99
Sale: $29.49
Late Snow Fine Art Print
Late Snow
30" x 18"
Price: $43.99
Sale: $21.99
First Snow Fine Art Print
First Snow
26" x 36"
Price: $44.99
Sale: $22.49
Gentle Snow Fine Art Print
Gentle Snow
30" x 22"
Price: $33.99
Sale: $16.99
Thanksgiving Fine Art Print
25" x 21"
Price: $79.99
Sale: $39.99
Winter Footsteps Fine Art Print
Winter Footsteps
20" x 24"
Price: $50.99
Sale: $25.49
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361 Items
Like many other forms of landscape art, snowscapes were explored by a variety of artists, in several different styles. Claude Monet, a French Impressionist, drew a snowscape called 'The Magpie' which was a traditional depiction of this art category. However, 'The Magpie' wasn't his only attempt at depicting French winter scenes. Manet ended up painting 139 other snowscapes, as well. Other Impressionists also attempted to portray snowy scenery in their work, including such influential artists as Paul Gauguin, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pisarro.

Snowscape canvas art was also pursued by Romantic artists, who found the subdued colors and dramatic contrasts of winter scenes ideal for their style of artistic expression. Caspar David Friedrich was one of these artists. His renditions of 'Megalithic Grave in the Snow' and 'Bushes in the Snow' provide a sharp contrast to the Impressionists bright and airy works. Friedrich's paintings focus on the desolation of wintry months, providing paintings that are as haunting and bleak as a grave. Other Romantic artists also depicted such wintry occurrences as blizzards and snowstorms.

Snowscape artworks were also well suited to Oriental styles of art, particularly ones that depicted mountains. The stillness and untouched purity of the snow was an inspiration to Eastern artists, whose works were primarily used for contemplation and meditation. These works often appeared dream-like or mystical due to the techniques used to depict them, and because of the Chinese and Japanese mythologies of winter being a time where spirits roamed the Earth.
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