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Robert Canady Wall Art

Artist Robert Canady was born in Italy, where his parents were working. In terms of culture, he was brought up with a very mixed background, with his parents being Mexican and Tunisian. His goal is to portray a sense of strength, beauty, and balance through his, posters prints and art. He plays with color to balance each composition and add to it some beauty and warmth. He loved art as a child but led a very nomadic life, moving from country to country. Canady started work first as a waiter and then moved into the kitchens where he trained as a Saus Chef. Canady enjoys a very intimate creative process where he handles and manipulates the materials in a creative way. He only paints during his holidays and on his days off, as he has really found his m├ętier with an ultimate ambition to graduate as a Chef d'Equipe.

Each of his pieces contains groups of simple objects that are arranged in various compositions playing on the weight and balance of each element. His subject matter is inspired by where he happens to be working and living at any specific time. His images evoke a sense of tranquility, a contemplative mood, and timelessness. It is this creativity with his medium that allows him to create pieces that represent his intentions most accurately. And it is through the combination of materials and compositional elements that he strives for beauty, strength, and balance. Many of his works have appeared in several permanent corporate collections. His works have also been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, both within and outside Italy.
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Paris Red Umbrella
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