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Stephanie French Wall Art

Stephanie French grew in an environment in which art was appreciated. In the home where she was, she got encouragement to pursue art as a career. Visiting, seeing and looking art became an integral part of her life very early on. She has shared with her friends her joys of seeing museums while traveling with her family as a girl, and admiring dance and architecture. This passion for searching would follow her through college and eventually developed into a career. This path took her to what many might have thought improper for a woman in the 70s. She began colleting while she was working for Phillip Morris. Here Stephanie was responsible for building philanthropies and collections. In the back of her mind, she always wished she could one day own pieces like what she was looking at and collecting for others. Stephanie is a fearless artist.

Her dedication is to the artists, to the work, educating and sharing. The artist says that that there’s a need to understand commitment when collecting art. This is because collecting is not as simple as grabbing something sexy and hot. She says that making informed decisions based on artists’ vision, their careers, and their voice is very important, above all else. And beyond being a collector, it is important to understand ones own personal feelings and taste. It’s so exciting to hear how the artist stresses the importance of looking at everything as is humanly possible. Having been in this business for many years has made her understand what clients need or prefer.
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