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The Singing Butler

Want to add a brand new style of art to your walls and not sure where to begin the search for your new decor, you can start by browsing around in the The Singing Butler art collection. Each piece aims to add an interesting element to your home because the pieces are just absolutely amazing. With any selection that is available for purchase, you are bound to be satisfied.

Each piece of The Singing Butler art prints comes in a different size to suite the space on your wall that you need filled with a creative and beauty piece of art work. The Singing Butler print features a lovely couple, the lady dressed in a long red dress and the mister in a black tailored suite, being serenading by a singing butler and a maid as his assistant singer. Despite the rain falling in the picture, the couple is enjoying the song and their dance.
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The Singing Butler Prints

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3 Items
The Singing Butler Fine Art Print
The Singing Butler
32" x 24"
Price: $73.99
Sale: $36.99
The Singing Butler, c.1992 Fine Art Print
The Singing Butler, c.1992
20" x 16"
Price: $41.99
Sale: $20.99
The Singing Butler, c.1992 Fine Art Print
The Singing Butler, c.1992
47" x 36"
Price: $149.99
Sale: $74.99
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3 Items
Although there are just three featured pieces to choose from, each print is a different variation in that there are different sizes. The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano comes in a 32 inch by 24 inch print, a 20 inch by 16 inch print, and a 46 inch by 35 inch print.

The Singing Butler canvas prints are just too beautiful to not want to include in your home. The piece would be a great addition to a living room or a dining area. Just make sure that is enough room for the soon-to-be central piece of your home.
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