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Brett Favre Posters

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Brett Favre Art

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4th and Goal Fine Art Print
4th and Goal
8" x 10"
Price: $98.99
Sale: $98.99
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2 Items
This former American quarterback played for four teams and set plenty of records over his illustrious 20 year career. He is an iconic player who still captures the imagination of football fans and aspiring athletes, years after announcing his retirement. Brett Favre wall art is sought after by Atlanta Falcons, NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings fans and Green Bay Packers.
He spent most of his career with this team and threw most of his 70k yards and more than 500 touchdowns while wearing the Packers’ jersey. Brett Favre posters featuring him in key matches for all three teams can be found here and they are all a must-have for those who set out to establish a comprehensive collection.

Even if you plan on going back a couple of years more and seek Brett Favre photographs back from the day when he played for the University of Southern Mississippi, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the best Brett Favre art prints feature him in action, surrounded by opponents who seem unable to stop him in his tracks. There are just as many posters centered on the numerous records that Favre set over two decades of professional football, making “The Gunslinger” one of the most popular athletes of all time.
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