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Tinkerbell Art

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Tinkerbell Artwork

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Pixies Rock Fine Art Print
Pixies Rock
28" x 20"
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Tinkerbell art prints consists of decorative paintings and prints depicting the Disney character Tinkerbell. Most of these pieces are styled specifically for home use, while others are film posters advertising motion pictures.

Tinkerbell is a fictional character that was first introduced in J.M. Barrie’s play titled “Peter Pan” in 1904, but became widely recognized after Walt Disney’s adaptation of the story in 1953. Since that time, she has appeared in other Disney films and has become immensely popular among children and adults alike.
Tinkerbell artwork is available in several different styles. Some of these pieces, like “Straight up Sassy” by Walt Disney, are styled as hip and feminine decorations with a modern feel, while others are brighter and more colorful, with depictions of the character that will appeal to a younger audience. One of the fictional character posters, titled “Tinker Bell – Pirate Fairy”, has the appearance of an advertisement or film cover for a movie she appeared in.

Tinkerbell posters are usually most popular with younger girls, but can appeal to Disney fans of all ages. It fits in best with colorful, feminine surroundings, and is often purchased for use as part of a fairy tale theme. These dreamy Tinkerbell artwork can act as a tribute to someone’s favorite character or Disney film, and also serve as a way to display aspects of their personality and to highlight the beauty of human imagination.
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