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Hieronymus Bosch Wall Art

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The Garden of Earthly Delights, c.1500, Detail Fine Art Print
The Garden of Earthly Delights, c.1500, Detail
18" x 24"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $32.99
Sale: $16.49
Tabletop of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things, detail of Hell, c.1480 Fine Art Print
Tabletop of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things, detail of Hell, c.1480
24" x 18"
+ Multiple Sizes
Price: $31.99
Sale: $15.99
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3 Items
Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450 – August 9, 1516) was a Dutch painter who was born Jheronimus van Aken. He was respected for his excellent imagery that was mainly characterized with the use of surreal or sharp iconography. There are many people who liked his art because of their reflection of human lives, the vices committed by humans and the consequences that come with them. Examples of such works are “The Ship of Fools" (c. 1490-1500) that mainly stood against individuals who're seeking earthly pleasures. Bosch’s artistic life didn't come as an accident as he was born in an artistic family, consisting of painters, including his father, brother, and uncles. Several of his works were mainly focused on religious themes. His 1504 painting of "The Last Judgment" properly demonstrated the crumbling of humanity. Bosch’s paintings earned him recognition during his lifetime, but he earned even greater recognition after his death. His works were even collected by King Philip II of Spain, who's said to have hung "The Garden of Earthly Delight" in his bedroom. Records indicate that the artist created more than 16 triptychs, with 8 of them remaining intact while others are either fragmented or simply missing. This day, his artistic works can still be found in museums, galleries, and collections, both private and public. Prints of his works, including framed Hieronymus Bosch art can be found in art dealerships and galleries. In addition, some art dealerships also sell his art in other finishing options, including lamination and canvas.
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