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Robert Ichter Wall Art

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Until I Find You II Fine Art Print
Until I Find You II
15" x 30"
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Robert Ichter also known as "Bob” produces richly colored, romantic pastels that he hand-rubs onto black suede archival boards that are lushly textured. According to him, each piece is designed to transport the viewer to another place and to evoke a certain time of day. Dusk and autumn are his favorite themes. These themes have been inspired by landscapes that he has seen from around the world. Viewers may find themselves strolling along a blustery Normandy beach, gazing into the rolling hills of the French countryside, exploring a pathway through the Blue Ridge North Carolina forest, gazing at dragonflies resting upon a patch of water lilies in gardens at Giverny belonging to Claude Monet or floating along the river Seine. Whether it’s a full moonlit night, sunset or sunrise, viewers are certain to want to return again and again.

Today his art can be seen in several galleries, museums, institution and homes around the world. He blends vibrant colors and bold strokes with the drama of some of the most memorable scenes in the world. His art is highly priced by many discerning collectors because they can be used to decorate all spaces and are also inspiring. He was a member of many professional art organizations and worked as a professional artist for many years, during which time he produced several pieces of art and attended several workshops. His detailed pieces of art are highly evocative. He has control over his technique and style and produces very unique pieces of art.
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