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Abstract James Grey Wall Art

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James Grey is an artist of the 19th century. He was active and lived in the United Kingdom. He strived to synthesize 3 key elements within his works of art: the feeling of the natural world, its appearance, and the form in which he chose to best represent it. Grey emphasized the 2D of painting through the use of bright colors, texture and strong lines. He sought to paint what he saw as well as what he felt and brought more evocative and conceptual elements into his paintings, this was more so in his use of non-descriptive color and his dissolution of forms. Being independent in his thinking made his art to be unique and attractive. In his paintings, the canvas prints make a finish with Finish Artist Gel. This gave a naturally authentic game on the surface. He was an award winning artist with artwork in permanent collections of museums, film, and is collected worldwide.

He was a signature member of many professional organizations in the United Kingdom. His images are studies of color, form and texture, and he made them with the intention of bringing the beauty of natural objects to the forefront. He created a contemplative, peaceful atmosphere through interplay of light and balanced design. He usually brought together the elements of art that make up each design and then created the lighting and the composition is such a manner that made the elements stand out. His work was a result of shared ideas and feedback she received from his viewers.
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