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Abstract Eve Wheeler Wall Art

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Malachite Marmalade Fine Art Print
Malachite Marmalade
24" x 24"
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Eve Wheeler grew up in a military family, and her parents were fitness enthusiasts. This made much of her recreational time to be spent exploring the outdoors and this became her hobby. Her family took several camping trips and also visited many national parks across America. Eve fully experienced the beauty of America and each new location in which they resided. This parental influence and genuine interest resulted in her development for a fascination with nature at an early age. Her ever-growing collection of pressed wildflowers, leaves, and rocks served as keepsakes of the environment wherever the family lived. Eve was charmed with the wide range of textures and colors found in the smallest of objects, and while painting and drawing, these elements became an annex of a bucolic collection. Eve lived in 8 states across America before graduating from high school.

In all those years, Eve’s love for creating art was recognized by her peers as well as her teachers and they encouraged her to take art seriously. Her mother was a reliable source of support and, as a teenager, enrolled her in private painting lessons. She says the frequent relocations were a big challenge but she enjoyed and welcomed them anyway. This is because they presented opportunities for embracing adaptation, discovery, and change, which was and still are influencing and are depicted in her artwork. Even now in her forties, painting serves the same passionate purpose as it did during childhood. Creating art fosters an examination of subjects that she finds intriguing, while preserving a path of fond memories.
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