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Charaka Simoncelli Wall Art

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Spiritus Mundi Fine Art Print
Spiritus Mundi
18" x 36"
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Charaka Simoncelli (Born in 1967) was born in Cattolica, Italy. In 1993 she got her art diploma at the R. Steiner Academy in Milano, and she started travelling eastern to get inspiration and for subject matter. She stayed for about 10 years in India where she studied at the creativity university in Pune. After graduation, she went back to Italy where she her studies at the UNIVERSITY OF THE IMAGE of fabrizio ferri in Milan from 2001 to 2002. Her work is a look into decoration and space. Drops of bright and intense colors stretch to create flowers of rosebuds and stems of bushes. She has enriched and experienced her spiritual and professional educations thanks to the opportunity and the working environment to study in an international scene. For the last twenty five ears, she has been taking part in several exhibitions both solo and group in both in Italy and abroad.

Charaka has exhibited in Visual Art Gallery, Creativity Council, Allessandria- Italy, Cityhall Nolfi, Modena- Italy- Arteincontri, Muki Gallery, Cityhall Palace, Arlecchino Complex, Verrucchio Villa, Il Quadrato Gallery, Viareggio – Mercurio Contemporary Art, Guglielmi Theater, Pistoia Napoleon Hall, Mercurio Contemporary Art, Scoglio Di Qaurto Gallery , Ferrara Sekanina Arte Contemporanea, Milano - Scoglio Di Quarto Gallery, and Milano Diecidue Arte Contemporanea. her inborn curiosity and her passion for travels has deepened and allowed her professional career in the Artistic field. She has also attended art fairs in Italy and Germany at Kunst Messen – Stuttgart, Artefiera Parma, Arte Fiera Forli, Artefiera Catania, among others.
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