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Dolores King Wall Art

In her youth Dolores King’s dream was to be an artist and she always wanted to be a creative and imaginative artist. That dream was awakened in 2005 when she took an acrylic painting workshop. Dolores was obsessed with painting and she couldn’t wait to pick up a brush. For her art is not only her career but also her joy. When she works she cranks up the music and dances while she paints. She now works primarily in the ancient process of painting using pigments, tree resin and molten beeswax – this process is called encaustics. Dolores has a deep concern for and connection with the earth. She uses mediums made from natural elements to strengthen that connection. Her work is imaginative but rooted in the fragility and beauty of the natural world.

Her goal is to have a painting that is ethereal yet bold and ignites the imagination. Each of his painting can have up to 30 layers of wax - some have as many as 100 layers. Each painting is fused with iron, heat gun or a torch to the layer below so as to become one unified surface. He may take a layer, scratch it, stain it or gently heat it to create a smooth translucent surface. The result is a fluid medium that takes on a life of its own. Dolores’ is determined to succeed and this has become even more evident when one enters her studio. Dolores started with an empty room but she soon she had workbenches and shelves, installed a bathroom and sink.
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