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Michael Romero Wall Art

Michael Romero (Born on January 29, 1992) was born in Santa Fe New Mexico. His talent as an artist was realized by his uncle, Joseph Romero from an early age, where they both would work side by side sketching in pencil. His uncle, amazed by the ability of his artistic skills, recognized it as more than just a gift. Through out his school years, Romero’s classmates and teachers were amazed by his artwork, and growing up on a ranch where there was little to do but to be creative with his time, this is where his unique talents were supported by his grandparents with loving support and the materials to create something magnificent! Romero had no formal art training other than grade school, but he was fascinated by art styles and was able to learn by himself.

In 2011 he was introduced to the art work of Jackson Pollock. When he first viewed Pollock's work it looked like any child could do it, but on serious look at the work he noticed there’s order to his chaos. Pollock's arts which he made with just splashes of color were instrumental in making Romero the artist he is today. While his colors were dripped and splashed, they really did create a brilliance of texture and light that is appealing to look at. After experimenting and failing repeatedly, Romero was hopeful and confident that he would achieve the style of art work that was already clearly laid out in his head. This is how his style was born. The style brought together two masters in collaboration - Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet.
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Rising Through Glass Fine Art Print
Rising Through Glass
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Glass Lake Fine Art Print
Glass Lake
19" x 13"
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