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Jonathan Tucker/Stocktrek Images Wall Art

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Aurora Borealis, Yukon, Canada Fine Art Print
Aurora Borealis, Yukon, Canada
34" x 23"
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Jonathan Tucker was born and raised in St Johns, Newfoundland. He grew up in such a beautiful place that he soon found himself enjoying how peaceful and quiet nature is and the beauty that surrounded him. Tucker became a landscape photographer and he’s now based in Whitehorse, Yukon. It was at the age of 7 Tucker moved up north to Canada in one of the most beautiful places (Whitehorse, Yukon). He describes it as a place where the air is fresh, the clouds touch the mountains, and the Northern lights do some jigs across the night skies. This region has really influenced his art. However, his passion for landscape photography career has taken him to some other beautiful places around the globe. From red sand deserts of Arizona, black sand beaches of Iceland, exploring in cave of glacier to the beautiful forest of Oregon surrounded by the waterfalls.

Tucker’s approach to photographing landscapes is a bit unique. He strives to capture the locations atmosphere and highlight the natural beauty of the location so the viewer can feel like he’s part of the photo and feel like he was right there beside him when he was taking the photo. His works have been seen worldwide. They appear in National Geographic and are also on display at the "California academy of science museum." His art is also in many galleries and museums around the world. Tucker also has won a prestigious awards including TIPA trophy award. Hs works have been published in a large variety of media including books, magazines, Daily mail, Trierenberg Super Circuit, among others.
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