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Framed Decorative Longfellow Designs Wall Art

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Brussel Fine Art Print
19" x 19"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Longfellow Designs was founded by Lisa Longfellow. Lisa has been an artist and graphic designer for quite some time. She actually worked for a company for more than 10 years before she decided to take the plunge and go out on her own. She made the decision in 2012 and she has never looked back. She has been dedicated to designing things she likes and customizing artwork for clients from all over the world. Growing up she has always been drawn to artwork and handmade items. It has always been a passion of hers to be able to create things that other people could feel happy about. Inspiration for her is very compulsive and spontaneous. She can be lying down to go to sleep and an idea for a print will nag at her until she gets up and begin working on it.

She says that her children are a huge inspiration to her, her daughter especially can see things in a way that inspires her to be more open to the simple things around her. She draws from all experiences and continues to learn everything she can from new surroundings and opportunities. Her business is a one-woman show for now. Printing, designing, and shipping you name it. Sagebrush Fine Art licenses her artwork, which she says they have been wonderful in giving publicity to her artwork in ways she cannot manage on her own: sketchbooks, trunks, dog beds, photo boxes, etc. Her art is available both online and in physical stores.
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