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Daveed Benito Wall Art

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Rain Fine Art Print
36" x 24"
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Daveed Benito was raised in Albuquerque New Mexico but was born in Santa Fe. He is someone who one wouldn't have been able to tell is a photographer upon first meeting, but as one begins to talk with him they realize that they are speaking to a photographer of a special expertise. For Benito, photography is not only about capturing, but more importantly about creating the moments in time with a hint of imagination, a vibrant display of color and inspiration of art. Unlike many artist, his story isn't that of "an artist who was inspired from childhood" type of tale, but one of taking control of his destiny by finding a way out of Albuquerque.

After his graduation from high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in which he had a first hand experience in the world’s different cultures. He worked with the U.S. Air Force for 5 years. He prides himself on reputation. This is something that has helped him build his clientele with high regards of gaining the comfort and trust for whoever he is working for which in turn encourages the creative direction of his photo shoots. Within a short time after deciding to be a full time photographer, Benito build a huge following of loyal fans that were always looking forward for his new pieces of art. His ability to capture memorable moments and his keenness to detail made his art to be very popular. The popularity of his art was also due to the fact that they could be used to decorate any space.
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