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Margurite Gerard Wall Art

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The First Steps Fine Art Print
The First Steps
24" x 18"
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Marguerite Gerard (1761 - 1837) was an extremely successful painter in her own right. She is well remembered as the student, collaborator and sister-in-law of the great artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Being who she was and the way she loved art, it reached a point where her fame eclipsed that of her brother-in-law. Marguerite’s native home was Provence. She arrived in Paris at the age of 14 to join her elder miniaturist sister Marie-Anne who was living with her husband, Fragonard in Louvre. The Fragonards noticed her talent and tutored her as a painter. Being a quick learner, Marguerite soon had her own patrons. Marguerite lived in the Louvre for approximately 30 years, and had the opportunity to view and be inspired by great artworks of the past and present.

But as time went by and because of the changing tastes, Fragonard was gradually losing fame as Marguerite’s star was rising. Marguerite benefited much from her association with the Fragonards. Apart from helping with her art, they also allowed her the freedom to remain unmarried without becoming a financial burden to her family and even to herself; this allowed her to devote herself to art. Marguerite continued to thrive as an artist. She avoided as much as possible political themes, and often painted scenes of domestic life that centered on women and children. She attended and participated in many art exhibitions. Today, her artwork can be found in many art galleries and museums and with many collectors throughout the world.
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