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Country Alain Pelletier Wall Art

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Outdoor Life I Fine Art Print
Outdoor Life I
20" x 20"
+ Multiple Sizes
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Alain Pelletier is a Montreal, Canada-based artist who's been creating art for more than 25 years. He first started a stationery company that distributed all across North America. Through the process, he began to interact with several artists and artwork, sparking his interest for art. Pelletier then started directing artwork pieces, providing for him a reason to go into licensing business through his company Pela Concept. His directing abilities have made it possible for him to work with different people who possess different talents. That made it possible for his team to create a variety of artistic products using diverse artistic styles. His works are mainly for home and gift markets and are made through Atelier & Company for his Wild Apple Graphics Company. Because of the versatility that makes him a multifaceted artist, he doesn’t limit his works to a single media, but instead uses a variety of them.

Pelletier’s works cover a wide array of subjects, including nature, home products, wordplay, and more. He also works on a lot of other subjects based on client requests. Besides his painting and illustration works, he is also involved in videography. In videography, he covers music, dance, theater, literature, and elements of the visual arts. Pelletier has been recognized both locally and internationally for his art. Some of these recognitions include Best 100 of the Ninety’s, International Media and Art Award, Germany, Best Experimental - Animation in Reeling Festival, Chicago just to mention a few. He learned acting at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal after which he took time to explore more of visual arts.
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