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Amori Wall Art

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Metropolitan Jewel-Box - Topaz Fine Art Print
Metropolitan Jewel-Box - Topaz
12" x 24"
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Amori had a strong passion for the arts from a tender age and liked anything with an artistic flare. She could draw on any surface that was available. Using warm colors and highly textured composition, she was able to carefully capture her subjects’ finer details in a manner that stunned her viewers. She knew from that tender age that she would become an artist. Today, her art is both dramatic and delicate in composition. She produces art that captures tranquility and positivity of locations known for manhandle and hustle and bustle. Many art dealers and galleries provide her art which can today be found in different galleries and can easily be purchased ready for decorative purposes. Amori remains committed in creating art and preserving the beauty of architecture through her paintings.

She draws her subjects mainly from her fascination with both modern and old architecture displayed in several global locations, including Johannesburg, India, New York, and Japan. Her pieces of art have been exhibited in a number of shows, with several of them also collected by top collectors. She uses specific shapes of architectural structures that are easily noticeable. This has made her art to be very popular with many architects and artists. She chooses to apply a simplistic approach to deliver only the essence of architectural works thus capturing their beauties and tranquility. Creating art is her passion and a way through which she expresses her interpretation of different subjects. Her mastery of shapes, texture and patterns makes it easier for her to deliver art in a friendly and expressive way by only using a few elements.
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