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Bogushefsky Wall Art

Surf shops refer to him as an “East Coast phenomenon,” most call him "Bogy" but others may know him as Aaron. Bogushefsky graduated from Ocean City High School in 2001. In 2005 he joined The University of Delaware, where he majored in the Arts, and focused on techniques in photography and painting. While at the university, he seemed to go against the norm fusing his intuitive sense of unique character and whimsy with taught techniques. He never got particularly good grades in his art classes because he never did what they asked for. However, his rebellion is why his art is so popular today. In addition to painting, Bogushefsky teaches and coaches soccer. He also has a passion for surfing. Bogushefsky maintains his status as a local favorite while at the same time he continues to become more popular. He currently lives in Ocean City, NJ.

Bogushefsky’s work is hard to define because of its uniqueness. However, his work can be described as curious- whimsical, curvy and colorful illustration art. He paints in a variety of forms and mediums, including t-shirts, surfboards, paper, and murals. His works are a mix of realism and cartoon. Bogushefsky says that he paints anything that moves him, especially nature. He mostly paints homes, landscapes, wildlife, fish and waves. His favorite animals are deer, ducks, lions and sharks. He prefers watercolor and is inspired by practicality, the youth, the outdoors, Ocean City NJ, creation, etc. He has participated in many art exhibitions, both in group and solo.
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