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Saukie Chief Giclee
Saukie Chief
15" x 19"
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James Hall and Thomas McKenney are the authors of “The History of the Indian Tribes of North America.” This is a 3-volume collection of Native American biographies and there’s also an accompanying lithograph portraits. The book was originally published in the US from 1836 to 1844. Charles Bird used to paint portraits of Native American leaders who went to Washington to negotiate treaties. Thomas commissioned lithographs of the portraits which were painted by Charles Bird, and he also commissioned James Hall to write for him full biographies on each subject of the portrait. Most of the collections of McKenney & Hall prints are from The History of the Indian Tribes of North America, a book that features biographies and unique lithograph portraits. The prints are reproductions of paintings that were originally done by Charles Bird. Due to his hard work and the quality of his work, McKenney got an appointment to be the Superintendent of Indian Affairs.

This was in 1821, and just immediately after accepting that position, the artist began to commission portraits of Native Americans who were visiting Washington D.C. In 1858, the original paintings by Charles Bird were relocated and then archived at the Smithsonian Institution. Several years later in 1865, however, a fire engulfed the entire floor where the paintings were stored on, and close to 300 of the portraits were completely destroyed, with only 5 remaining. McKenney & Hall's art inspire many artists today, both the upcoming and the established artists. Their expansive collection of lithographs is reproductions of Charles Bird's original paintings, and they preserve the legacy of these important works and the subjects they depict.
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