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Jacopo De Barbari Wall Art

Jacopo de' Barbari (1440 – 1516) was an Italian painter and engraver who was also known as Jakob Walch in the north. His place of birth is unknown, but he was described by Albrecht Dürer and other contemporaries as a Venetian. Barbari probably remained in Venice until 1500 and painted the first dated and signed pure still life in 1504. There’s a large engraved panorama of the city which is among works attributed to him in Venice. Barbari moved to the north where he worked in Wittenberg as a court painter. He also worked in other German cities of Frankfurt and Nürnberg. The artist finally settled at the Dutch court. Barbari made woodcuts and engraved on copper. He was known for his prints, including the 'Bird's eye View of Venice', his famous woodcut of 1500. His works include one of the earliest known still lifes.

Barbari may have been in contact with Dürer in 1494 when the German artist first visited Venice. In six years later, the two artists were working together in Nuremberg (Dürer's home town) as emperor’s painters. Barbari afterwards worked at other German courts and finally in the Netherlands, where he was serving Mary of Austria. His paintings show knowledge of the work of Dürer and Cranach as well as Venetian influence, especially those bearing dates from 1500 onwards. Barbari became the first Italian Renaissance artist of standing to work in Northern Europe. His 3 very large woodcuts and 29 engravings were highly influential. His few surviving paintings include the first known example of trompe l'oeil.
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