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Barbara Norris Wall Art

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Nautical Panel I Fine Art Print
Nautical Panel I
4" x 10"
Price: $20.99
Sale: $10.49
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Barbara Norris (Born September 26, 1947) was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and died on December 22, 2016. She was adopted at an early age by loving parents Grace Beatson and George Beatson. She was a passionate artist, and her happiest hours were spent with her Hope and Agassiz painting groups. She believed that art is a universal language that crosses all cultures and borders to bring people together. That it is a language that anyone can understand and associate with. That’s why he tried to make his art simple so the viewers can interpret them in the exact way se wanted them to. Barbara was able to capture the living essence of her subjects. She produces art in a variety of finishing options depending on what her clients order.

She enjoyed painting and drawing subjects that enchanted her. She was a multi-media artist often using different media in a single piece of poster, print or art to ensure that the clients get the best. As a result, her works are always magically fresh and evocative. Barbara’s greatest inspiration came from a childhood spent playing in the countryside of Vancouver, British Columbia. As a child, playing in the fields, she was inspired by the vibrant and delicate colors of the flowers around her. She did not fear to paint. She took on projects, some that were complicated that her colleagues did not dare to undertake. Her passion for art grew over the years as she continued to get positive reviews about her art from viewers and critics.
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