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Amy Shumway Wall Art

Amy Shumway grew up in the city of Worcester, MA. Currently she lives in the New England town of Pelham, MA with her husband. Amy graduated in 1990from UMass in Amherst, MA with a degree in Liberal Arts, with a minor in Psychology. She says that her childhood love of horses stayed with her and she pursued training and riding horses after college before she opened a retail mattress store in Amherst in 2001. In 2009 she closed her store, and after the passing of her horse in 2012, she stumbled upon a passion for gardening in her backyard. While picking some blooms one day, she ran out of room to carry them all so she placed a small yellow rose in the middle of a dinner plate white dahlia. She felt the urge to take a photo of it and grabbed her husband's basic point-and-shoot camera to capture the image.

Amy says she was transformed, transfixed and mesmerized by the artistic effect and she hasn't stopped growing flowers and photographing them since she took that first photo - it was the photo that launched thousands more photos. Although she doesn’t have a formal training or background in either photography or the graphic/visual arts, she credits her years of working with horses for her ability to see the best angle for composition. She has a steady eye and hand, and connects perfectly with nature. Amy approaches each photo with the intention of sharing the idea that she has noticed that the subject is special.
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