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James Volosin Photography

James Volosin is an award-winning photographer from Austin, Texas. He captures beautiful landscape photography scenery for business or home decor. His artistic ability was discovered at a very young age and he was lucky to receive support from family, friends and teachers. He decided to throw himself fully in the photography world to satisfy his desire to share with other what he felt about nature. His prints are available on request or by catalog. Volosin says that people are tightened with the severity of the environment, yet get relaxed when their surroundings are harmonious. The photographer seeks to make the environment as harmonious as possible. He learned to be responsible from an early age, and at that young age, he liked to do things by himself. Volosin’s unconventional and creative personality ultimately led him to attract many esteemed clients around the world.

Once he started working seriously in photography he started getting commissions on a regular basis. Today his art has found its way into many prestigious galleries, museums, institutions and homes around the world. Volosin takes photos because he believes it is most rewarding to create from reality rather than to create from the mind or from imagination. His landscapes are a major attraction to many art lovers, especially those who love nature. He invites critics to review his works as he believes that learning is a continuous process and that this is the best way to improve his art. He’s pleased with him current work, but he’s always searching, both within and outwardly, to see where this journey is going to take him.
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