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Victoria Jackson Wall Art

With her grandmother, Mary Agnes Moir, and her mother, Ann Jackson, as her teachers and mentors Victoria Jackson’s passion for creating art was fostered from an early age. Painting throughout her childhood paved the way for her career as an internationally acclaimed artist. Victoria’s work replenishes the spirit, soothes, and creates a bond with places that bring a breather from the chaos of life. Her specialty is inspired, dramatic skies and spacious landscapes. Drawing inspiration from her travels through Europe, she uses muted hues and simplified shapes to evoke a sense of hope, peace and tranquility. When her painting turns out well, it becomes an emotional experience. Victoria not only sees the landscape, she feels it – it’s a journey into imagination. Her series of compelling abstracts combine a fantastic blend of shapes and colors that spark the imagination, as if the viewer were a child using clouds to make shapes.

Victoria has been surrounded by art all her life. She can remember painting with her mother on the same canvas. Her mother would start painting at the top of the canvas and Victoria would start at the bottom. When she grew tired, her mother would finish the painting. For Victoria, entertainment came in the form of building something, whether it was paint, clay, paper or wood – artists are always creating something. In 1971, her parents opened a gallery called Ann Jackson Gallery, which was a family business. Working in the business gave Victoria the time to quietly paint, which was something that she loved to do. Most of her paintings are of a tumultuous sky crossing over an enormous landscape.
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