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Gregory Hargreaves Wall Art

Gregory Hargreaves received his art training in Milwaukee Wisconsin where he was born and raised. He graduated with a BA degree from the Layton School of Art. Hargreaves has always been an "art kid.” He was always that pupil in class who could draw better than his classmates. It was his one and only talent growing up and he’s tried to exploit it to the best of his abilities. He’s had the great good fortune to have worked for and with some of the most discriminating and gifted art designers and directors, producing his own unique brand of conceptual illustrations for national, regional and international clients. Hargreaves appreciates a wide variety of artistic expression. He enjoys not only the old masters, but also the works of minimalists, expressionists, primitives, to name a few. He especially delights in the works of children as their vision is fearless, exuberant, and untutored.

Many of his children's pieces hang on his walls. Of late he has concentrated more and more on landscapes. He also offers giclee prints that are printed on high quality paper and canvas. It seems that whenever he has free time, he relaxes by indulging in what he describes as regional abstract landscape painting. It has proved to be the most creatively rewarding aspect of his career, with the finest inks available. He ordinarily starts with a conceptual sketch with emphasis on composition, texture, and form above all else. Sometimes he allows the paint to take him in directions not predetermined. His work has been published in magazines as varied as The Wall Street Journal, Outdoor Life and The Economist.
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West of the River Fine Art Print
West of the River
32" x 26"
Price: $70.99
Sale: $35.49
October Sky Fine Art Print
October Sky
30" x 24"
Price: $61.99
Sale: $30.99
Three Trees Fine Art Print
Three Trees
26" x 32"
Price: $70.99
Sale: $35.49
La Cienega Fine Art Print
La Cienega
37" x 27"
Price: $85.99
Sale: $42.99
Bean Field Fine Art Print
Bean Field
24" x 30"
Price: $61.99
Sale: $30.99
Fence Lines and Fields Fine Art Print
Fence Lines and Fields
26" x 34"
Price: $76.99
Sale: $38.49
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6 Items
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