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Lubin Baugin Wall Art

Artist Lubin Baugin (Born 1612) was born in Pithiviers. His surviving subject pictures are religious works, with just one exception. His works include numerous small paintings that represent the Holy Family (the Virgin and Child). None of his painted portraits are known to have survived, although many are known through engravings. Baugin was a French painter of the 17th century who has been credited with a group of four undated still lifes. In fact, none of his works are dated. He received his artistic training for six years (from 1622 to 1628). At the age of about 20 years, he travelled to Italy and settled in Rome. It wan not until an article about his work was published by Jacques Thuillier that his work received full recognition. The article titled Baugin Lubin was published in 1963 in the journal The Eye.

Since then, interest in his work has grown and today they can be found in numerous collections all over the world. While in Italy he married a Roman Brigitte Daste with whom he had 2 children in 1637 and 1640 in Rome. When he returned to France, he was appointed to be in charge of the influential Italian painters, primarily Raphael, Parmigianino and Correggio, to whom his inspiration turned. The end of Baugin’s career is marked by a more stripped style, but the same sense of direction and the same technical mastery he had earlier was still evident in his work. His art hang in many prestigious galleries and homes around the world.
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