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Jacques Linard Wall Art

Jacques Linard (born 1597) was a 17th-century French painter who painted still-lives. His first records of being of artist were in the 1620s. Linard lived in the Saint-Germandes- rès quarter, which housed many still-life painters including Lubin Baugin, Louise Moillon and as well as other Flemish artists who specialized in this genre. The first still-life attributable to Linard dates from 1627. Linard was appointed Peintre et Valet de Chambre du Roi to Louis XIII in 1631. This post gave him financial independence and certain autonomy for the remainder of his career.

Together with Moillon, he was one of the first artists to include female figures in his still-lives and surrounded them with still-life motifs. His output primarily consisted of flower and fruit paintings. Linard loved creating art that was not just meant for hanging on the wall but that which could also inspire. That’s why his art have been highly priced by many collectors and can be found in many galleries and museums around the world. His art is also available in many other finishing options which viewers can choose from. His dramatic and vivid style was inspired by many renowned artists. His paintings are quite captivating and truly reflect the beauty of nature. His passion for painting made him to believe that every image had the potential to tell a story, and that every image had a message that it delivered to the viewer. Linard’s style reveals a strong influence of the Flemish school, but his pieces of art are also imbued with the elegance characteristic of French painting in this genre.
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